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Aigaia summer visual and performing arts school | 25.6.2018 - 27.7.2018

for children 5+, teenagers, adults



Lessons will be held daily Monday - Friday, from 25/6/2018 until 27/7/2018 (5 weeks). Children regardless of age can be at school from 7.15am until 3:00pm. Teaching hours are between 8:00am to 2:00pm.

Children are divided into age groups. Each week of the programme is always different offering the children with experiences and engaging them into something new each week. Each day is separated into teaching periods during which children are involved with activities such as art, design, drama, music etc. All activities will have a common purpose, which will be worked towards and presented to the parents, relatives and friends of the children participating in the summer school during July.

The purpose of the summer program is for children to become familiar and understand the world of visual and performing arts. These include involvement in many different art & design projects, music and theatre workshops. All lessons will be based on practical, interactive, creative and interesting projects. Our students will experience the world of the arts through a pleasant journey that follows the pathway of inspiration, research, creation and practical application.

Teenagers and adults will follow a personal programme according on the interests and the objectives of each individual. The activities involve amongst others:

  1. Preparation for the art & design examinations GCSE, AS and A Level Art & Design, general portfolio preparation and specialised projects for students to get acquainted with all fields of fine and applied arts, based on their personal interests.
  2. Short specialised courses
  3. Intense 5-week portfolio course to create the portfolio necessary to enter the tertiary education programmes at Aigaia School of Art and Design.

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